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Variable Interest Entities (???VIE???)

Variable Interest Entities (“VIE”)
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2022
Organization, Consolidation and Presentation of Financial Statements [Abstract]  
Variable Interest Entities (“VIE”)

14. Variable Interest Entities (“VIE”)


The Company and Engineering/Remediation Resources Group, Inc. (“ERRG”) previously entered into an unpopulated joint venture agreement for project work bids within the Company’s Services Segment with the joint venture doing business as Perma-Fix ERRG, a general partnership. The Company has a 51% partnership interest in the joint venture and ERRG has a 49% partnership interest in the joint venture.


The Company determines whether joint ventures in which it has invested meet the criteria of a VIE at the start of each new venture and when a reconsideration event has occurred. A VIE is a legal entity that satisfies any of the following characteristics: (a) the legal entity does not have sufficient equity investment at risk; (b) the equity investors at risk as a group, lack the characteristics of a controlling financial interest; or (c) the legal entity is structured with disproportionate voting rights.


The Company consolidates a VIE if it is determined to be the primary beneficiary of the VIE. The primary beneficiary has both the power to direct the activities of the VIE that most significantly impact the entity’s economic performance and the obligation to absorb losses or the right to receive benefits from the VIE that could potentially be significant to the VIE.


Based on the Company’s evaluation of Perma-Fix ERRG and related agreements with Perma-Fix ERRG, the Company determined that Perma-Fix ERRG continues to be a VIE in which we are the primary beneficiary. At June 30, 2022, Perma-Fix ERRG had total assets of $105,000 and total liabilities of approximately $105,000 which are all recorded as current.