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Related Party Transactions

Related Party Transactions
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2013
Related Party Transactions [Abstract]  
Related Party Transactions
14. Related Party Transactions

Christopher Leichtweis ("Leichtweis")
Under an agreement of indemnity ("Indemnification Agreement"), SEC, Leichtweis and his spouse ("Leichtweis Parties"), jointly and severally, agreed to indemnify the individual surety with respect to contingent liabilities that may be incurred by the individual surety under certain of SEC's bonded projects.  In addition, SEC agreed to indemnify Leichtweis Parties against judgments, penalties, fines, and expense associated with those SEC performance bonds that Leichtweis Parties have agreed to indemnify in the event SEC cannot perform, which has an aggregate bonded amount of approximately $10,900,000.  The Indemnification Agreement provided by SEC to the Leichtweis Parties also provides for compensating the Leichtweis Parties at a rate of 0.75% of the value of bonds (60% having been paid previously and the balance at substantial completion of the contract).  On February 14, 2013, we entered into a Settlement and Release Agreement and Amendment to Employment Agreement (the "Leichtweis Settlement), in final settlement of certain claims made by us against Leichtweis in connection with the Disputed Claims asserted by us against TNC subsequent to our acquisition of SEC.  The Leichtweis Settlement terminated our obligation to pay the Leichtweis Parties a fee under the Indemnification Agreement.

Mr. Leichtweis's employment agreement ("Leichtweis Employment Agreement") was entered into on October 31, 2011, in connection with the acquisition of SEC. Leichtweis Employment Agreement provides for an annual base salary of $324,480, plus bonus under certain conditions, and other benefits commonly found in such agreement.  The Leichtweis Employment Agreement is effective for four years.  The Leichtweis Settlement, as discussed above, amended the Leichtweis Employment Agreement by reducing the base salary of Leichtweis by $30,000 per year commencing the earlier occurrence of (i) the date the Company files its 2012 Form 10-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or (ii) April 1, 2013, and continuing for a period of three years from such date (or, if the Leichtweis Employment Agreement is earlier terminated, through the date of such earlier termination).  The Company filed its 2012 Form 10-K on March 22, 2013.